Basics and Installation : Basics of PHP, Why PHP and where it stands in Web environment, Job scope, Introduction PHP and MySQL, Installation – PHP / MySQL / APACHE

Core PHP : Statics Vs. Dynamic websites, Dynamic content from databases, Developing dynamic internet applications, Client side scripting Vs. Server side scripting, Overview of PHP advantages and capabilities, Configuring PHP.ini, PHP Vs. ASP

Basic Scripting : PHP scripting fundamentals, Print statement, Code blocks, Primitive data types, Defining variable & constants, Loops – WHILE / DO…WHILE / FOR, EXIT, BREAK, IF, ELSE, ELSEIF, SWITCH / CASE statements, Ternary (?) operator

APACHE Web Server : APACHE configuration files, Configuration for PHP, www sites within APACHE, Virtual hosts, Website properties

PHP Functions : Introduction to functions, Declaring functions, Scope, Passing arguments, Local & Global scope, Passing arguments by value & reference, Returning values from function, Using INCLUDE Files, REQUIRE statement, Recursion, Dynamic function call, Predefined PHP functions

PHP Operators : Logical operators, Relational operators, Bitwise operators, Other operators

PHP Arrays : Initializing, Array indexing, Sorting, One-Dimensional arrays, Multi-Dimensional arrays, Associative arrays, Array functions, Forms & arrays in web applications

Working with Database & Forms : Configuring PHP for Database support, PHP Database APIs, PHP SQL APIs, MySQL Vs. Access, MySQL Vs. SQL Server, SQL Queries via PHP, Tracking visitors with session IDs, Populating forms, Retrieving data from forms

Working with Data Files in PHP : Searching file contents using regular expressions, Changing & editing file contents, Splitting & Joining information inside files, String functions, Regular expression functions, Reading / Writing / Deleting files, Handling file permissions, File locking, Reading directory contents, Creating and deleting directories

Configuring & Using MySQL : MySQL as Client / Server solution, Introduction to MySQL, Installing and Configuring MySQL, Connecting to MySQL, PHP functions specific to MySQL, Executing SQL calls, SELECT / INSERT / FETCH / UPDATE / DELETE, Using PHP MyAdmin to configure MySQL

Using Cookies : Purpose of cookies, Cookie Myths, Setting Cookies, Retrieving cookies, Expiring cookies, Deleting Cookies, Storing arrays in cookies

PHP Tasks : Error logging, Session management & maintaining state, Web application architecture, Using environment variables, Embedding JavaScript within PHP, Using HTTP protocols to pass data, Showing different content to different browsers, Getting IP addresses from visitors

Introduction to CMS (Content Management System) : WordPress

Domain Registration and Domain CPanel : Procedure of domain registration and handling domain CPanel

Web Hosting

Project (For group admissions final year BE, MCA students)