Interview Questions and Answers on Oracle Architecture

Q. What do you mean by “Logical” and “Physical” storage in Oracle database system? A. The storage architecture is that part of Oracle which holds the data – either system generated or user generated. Logical and Physical are only the two different points of views to look at this storage. Logical storage is the one […]

Relational Calculus For BE And MCA

Relational Calculus is a query system wherein queries are expressed as formulas consisting of a number of variables and an expression involving these variables. It differs from the relational algebra in that relational calculus is non-procedural; which means queries which are expressed as formulas describe properties of the required result relation without specifying the method […]

How To Prepare For Chartered Accountancy (CA) Exams

Chartered Account (CA) is considered as one of the high profile careers by many of the young generation. The qualification has potential for independent profession and lucrative job as well. CAs are required in large numbers by big corporate houses and are paid very high salary. Chartered Accounts have very prestigious position in general in […]