Month – December 2013

Relational Calculus For BE And MCA

Relational Calculus is a query system wherein queries are expressed as formulas consisting of a number of variables and an expression involving these variables. It differs from the relational algebra in that relational calculus is non-procedural; which means queries which are expressed as formulas describe properties of the required result relation without specifying the method […]

IT Certification Myths

It was around 20 years ago, major system and application vendors introduced concept of certification. The purpose was to evaluate candidates on the knowledge of handling those systems or applications and providing some basis for selection process to the recruiters who could be not as much tech savvy themselves but capable of managing and running […]

Uniform Admission Process For Schools In Maharashtra

According to a notification issued by State Directorate of Education Maharashtra State issued on 22 November 2013, all the education officers have been advised to stop immediately admission process currently going on in the schools under their control. It has been a practice that schools start admission process for 75% seats that are not covered […]