Month – December 2013

Definition of Database Terms For Campus Interview

DBMS – Collection of interrelated data and a set of programs to access those data. Data Abstraction – Abstraction are the methods (levels) to simplify users’ interactions with the database system by hiding the complexities of actual data storage and access methodologies. There are three levels of Data Abstraction. Physical Level – The lowest level […]

Interview Questions For Fresher

Q.    Tell me something about yourself ! A.    Actually my resume carries all details about my technical abilities, skills and personality. However, besides them I would like to say that I am a person with strong interpersonal skills, have the ability to get along well with people. I enjoy challenges and looking for creative solutions […]

Interview Questions and Answers on Oracle Architecture

Q. What do you mean by “Logical” and “Physical” storage in Oracle database system? A. The storage architecture is that part of Oracle which holds the data – either system generated or user generated. Logical and Physical are only the two different points of views to look at this storage. Logical storage is the one […]