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We are recognized as the best Oracle database training centre in Nagpur since 1996. Headed by Mr. Prashant Munshi, having total industry experience of over 30 years, we have distinction of providing training in Oracle SQL PL/SQL, DBA, PHP & allied open source technologies to about 200 students every year... Continue reading

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Top 10 Job Interview Mistakes

The world is competitive. With fewer and fewer interview opportunities with increasing number of candidates; it is essential that you should make best possible first impression. In a personal interview most of the time the rule is that your selection is done 60% on how you make this first impression and only the 40% is […]

What is Index Organized Table (IOT)

Index-Organized Tables – Tables stored in an index structure are called as “Index-Organized Tables” (IOT). Unlike heap-organized tables, where data (rows) gets stored randomly at any available free space, the index-organized tables store the data sorted on the primary key. This organization does not make any change in the SQL though. Organization of a table […]

What is a DataBase Management System (DBMS)

What is DataBase Management Systems (DBMS) – A DataBase Management System is a most important part of any commercial data based application development. At very minimum it is know as a computer system application facilitating capturing, storing and manipulating the data. However for working professionals a comprehensive and scientific approach is required towards defining this […]